Book Your 30 min Coffee Chat with Jackie

Executive Wealth Advisors of Raymond James believes in full transparency. In these turbulent times for the markets, we want to offer our honest consultation services so you can feel confident in your financial decisions. Whether you are questioning your current strategy or you invest on your and are now feeling a little out of your comfort zone, we are here to offer you a professional second opinion.

What you will get:

  • Answers to any burning financial questions you may have
  • A second opinion on your current portfolio
  • Action steps you can take to grow your wealth
  • No sales
  • No pressure
  • No obligations

What we do for you:

  • Transparency is important to us and to you, we can run a cost analysis on your current portfolio Show you your total costs and uncover any hidden fees
  • Get a second opinion on your current holdings and how they match your personal situation
  • You may qualify for a full portfolio analysis if you have a more advanced portfolio




We want to be an office our community can rely on to help during unprecedented times.